Friday, May 23, 2014

About a boy

There is this boy I know,
he's kinda stolen my heart.
He calls me "Mom" and I love him so!

Our parish bazaar was this past weekend.  
Kyle and the other boys had signed up to volunteer to help out in the game booths and for clean up.  

Kyle said he wanted to do more...

 He asked me to buy him some really good plywood and paint, and after finishing his schoolwork and chores for the day, he went out to the garage for hours each day.

He drew, cut, and painted.

He sweat and worked hard all week.

By Friday afternoon, he had three works of yard art to donate to the auction at our bazaar.  

And when it was all over, 
Kyle's projects fetched $400 for our church. 
 May God bless these wonderfully kind and generous parishioners.

And may God bless this special boy!
May he always have a servant's heart.

He teaches this mama by his example.

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