Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The sunflower patch

Last year, I ordered all these sunflower seed varieties from 
Baker Creek Seeds.
I didn't have great success because I planted them late and we had really extreme heat last summer as well as drought. 
 I love sunflowers so much that I was determined that this year we'd have our very own garden space dedicated to these lovelies!

We had some local tree trimmers dump a pile of woodchips in our yard.  The pile sat around a while before we could get them all spread, but that worked to our benefit!  The ground underneath the pile was rich and soft and all the grass was gone.  
It was the perfect place for our sunflower patch!  
Danny loves the flowers as much as I do and we eagerly went to work spreading seeds.

Within a few weeks, some of the stalks were as tall as Dan!

And with the warmer temps and tons of rain, 
new seedlings are coming up every day.

"Teddy Bear" sunflower

I get happy just looking at these beauties!
"Henry Wilde" sunflower
are some links to sunflower gardens past.

Have a happy and SUNNY day!!

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