Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crazy Busy Weekend!

I'll be sooo glad when Tuesday comes! This has been a really busy weekend for our family! Friday we had planned for Fr. to come to our home to celebrate Mass and bless our home, but those plans were foiled as I got terribly sick as the day went on. By 2pm, I had a fever, chills, and aches. I just knew the flu was coming on. Doug cancelled our plans but Father was so gracious to reschedule the next Friday!
Saturday, we got to the Wharton convention center to set up for the bridal show only to find out that the panels I had painted just would not work. They were too tall and a little unstable. So we haul all of that crap back home and scramble for a plan B! Doug had a wedding in Rosenberg to shoot, so he picked up some easels and frames on his way. Doug spent all Saturday afternoon until midnight shooting the wedding while I was home sick in bed. I got up early this morning and found a 6am Mass to attend then went to set up his booth for the show while he got some much needed sleep! I come home and get Doug and the big boys off to Mass, but as soon as Mass is done, Doug will only have time for a quick bite, then it's off to the bridal show until 5pm!
Monday Doug has an engagement sitting with one of his brides and Kyle has baseball tryouts. If I wasn't so sick, it wouldn't be too bad, but I feel like death!
Say a prayer for the Creamer's today!
A quick pick of Doug's booth:

Gosh, I feel like I just rambled on and on....must be the cold meds!

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