Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lenten preparations

We spent the day preparing our home for Lent. The boys made a salt dough crown of thorns. The "thorns" are actually toothpics and for every act of charity or self sacrifice, they will be able to remove one of these thorns to ease Jesus' suffering.

Little Danny making sure that his brothers get a few extra good deeds in!

I got busy to work on our family Stations of the Cross. I copied very small pictures of the Stations and glued them to votives. We'll light all of the candles and as each Station is visited, we'll blow out that candle. As the death of Christ draws near, it will get darker and darker, until the last candle is blown out and we are left in total darkness to contemplate Christ's sacrifice:

We then got to work on a Lenten calendar. Just a simple poster board with the forty days marked off. We have our prayer intentions listed as well as our Lenten spiritual goals. Saint feast days and days for Mass and abstinence are also listed:

Finally, we prepared our family altar by changing the cloth to our purple one and placing the Crown of Thorns in the center:

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Dawn said...

All I can say is wow! Your preparations are far better than mine are. I'll have to get on the ball today.