Monday, February 4, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

In an attempt to keep our budget in order and make life a little more simpler, I am going to post my menu plans for the week. This makes me more accountable to provide our family with nutritious meals as well as keeps us from making frivolous trips to the store (we all know that a trip to the supermarket for milk can easily turn into a fifty dollar shopping spree!) To find other great menu plans, check out

Monday: Chicken pot pie
Tuesday: Red beans and rice with andouille sausage and a king cake for desert. All this to pay homage to Fat Tuesday!
Wednesday: Lentil soup with homemade bread. I am working that day so the soup will go in the crock pot. I'll be baking our bread on Tuesday.
Thursday: Pulled pork sandwiches and corn on the cob. It's another work day for me! The pork roast will go in the crock before I leave so that all Doug has to do is shred it and pour the sauce on it. He and Ryan have CAP that night so it will be an easy dinner for him to serve!
Friday: Homemade mac & cheese with a salad.
Saturday: Tacos and pinto beans.
Sunday: Roasted chicken with vegetables.

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