Friday, August 22, 2008

Beauty in Breakfast

Beautiful, rich brown eggs for breakfast.
John Paul wanted "flat eggs" or, as you and I would call them,
fried eggs over easy!

Oh, how I want my own chickens!!! Doug, make that happen!

...and while you're at it, a Jersey cow and milking goat would be nice, too.

...Ummm, I DID bear you four sons..
..and fresh goat cheese would be sooo goood!


Linda said...

I'm with you sister! Darn the neighborhood association!
My little ones call them "flat eggs" too!

Steven said...

Amelia wants flat eggs every morning for breakfast. We have 24 chickens in our yard. I really like their fresh eggs and if we have nothing in the fridge to eat, I can always whip up a quiche or boil some eggs.

Therese said...

oops. Just realized I am signed in under Steve's account. Sorry JoAnn.