Saturday, October 25, 2008

Make your own yogurt!

You must, must, MUST visit the crockpot lady! She has a fool proof way of making yogurt in your slow cooker. I put a batch on this afternoon and we'll be enjoying some wonderful homemade yogurt for Sunday breakfast. I can't wait!
Make your own homemade yogurt for pennies a serving!

UPDATE: We enjoyed strawberry yogurt smoothies before Mass this morning and they were wonderful! I did alter the recipe a little~
We like our yogurt thick, like a custard, so I put a whole cup of starter into the milk. The yogurt did come out nice and thick and I am totally pleased with the results! I skimmed off the whey on top of the yogurt and put into a clean canning jar. You can use a tablespoon or two of whey in just about anything, especially if you are lacto-fermenting vegetables (ala Nourishing Traditions).
I put some beans on to soak this morning and put 2TBS. of whey into the soaking water. This will neutralize the phytic acid in the beans which will result in better and easier digestion and relatively no gas! This is VERY important if you live in a household with 5 men/boys where "tooting the hiney horn" is a recreational sport!

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