Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sure, he looks sweet now...

...but his angelic demeanor could change at any minute!
We are getting ready for the All Saint's Day Festival at our church so I spent most of yesterday evening sewing this little outfit for Danny. He just loves it and calls it his "church dress."
Can you guess which saint he is?
Hint: Danny is named after this particular saint.
Let's make this fun! I'll send one of my funky aprons to the first person to guess correctly!


Therese said...

St. John Vianney?

Linda said...

St John Vienne, Cure d'Ars.

He's sure sweet! Great job sewing.

JoAnnC. said...

Woot! We have a winner! Danny is St. John Vianney! Therese, PM me your addy and I'll send you an apron! And heck, I'll send you one too, Linda! The early birds catch the worm!

Linda said...


Thank you for your generosity!