Saturday, October 11, 2008

March of the Surviving Youth

The C.O.O.L (Catholic Organization of Life) held a prayerful protest today at the Planned Parenthood facility in Houston. Ryan had been wanting to go for weeks so we decided to go and participate as a family. It started with a beautiful Mass at Annunciation and then we proceeded to a local park. The kids got to socialize, listen to speakers and sing. It was so wonderful to see so many teens so passionate about this cause! We then prayerfully and peacefully walked to the P.P. facility. While carrying our signs and rosaries, we got many honks in support. Upon arriving, we were greeted with many people who were already involved with the 40 Days for Life...the smiles on their faces was priceless as we approached! We prayed the rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and sang our way around the building seven times. After the seventh time, three trumpeters blew their horns! But the walls didn't crumble to the ground like the Bible story...well, at least not YET!
Doug and I were heartbroken as we saw woman after woman come and go into the facility. We prayed for each one...they are still haunting me. Kyle and Ryan knew full well what was going on and they prayed like the strong young Catholic men we raised them to be. JP and little Danny only knew we were praying for mommies and their babies...and even though it was hot and they were tired, they didn't complain. They had a sense of what they were doing was important, and they persevered.
Please pray for an end to abortion!


Kalona said...

What a beautiful slide show! I loved the picture of all the kids kneeling to pray, and the one of your little guy with the rosary around his neck. I love that you walked around the building 7 times and blew trumpets! I'm sure you weakened the foundation. :o) Thank you Creamer family, for being there. Ron and I will be at the PP here tomorrow night. I've heard about good things happening during the 40 Days For Life. Joining my prayers to yours to end abortion.

Therese said...

It is so wonderful that Ryan wanted to join in this praying. I love the slide show too.