Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My weekend D.I.Y. project

We've had some cooler days in these parts and the Fall bug has bit me! I got out all my decorations and set about putting them around the house. I thought a nice Fall wreath would look pretty on the side door and checked some out at Hobby Lobby. I almost had a heart attack from the sticker shock! I knew I could make my own for less than 10 bucks.

I went to Walmart for a grapevine wreath ($2.50),
a wooden letter "C" ($1.00),
one bunch of silk flowers ($3.00),
and some ribbon ($1.00).

Clip off all the branches on your silk flower bunch and paint your lettering.

Start from one point on your wreath and build outward on both sides. Weave flower stems through the grapevine and secure with hot glue if needed.

Hot glue some ribbon onto your lettering and secure to a branch on the wreath.

String the wreath up with ribbon and nail/staple to the top of your door!

Voila! A pretty little Fall accent for less than ten bucks!
Come Christmas time, I'll take it all out and substitute poinsettias and red velvet ribbons.


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Anonymous said...

That is wonderful! You are a great inspiration. I enjoy your blog very much.

I hope your sister continues to heal, we will keep her in our prayers. Have a blessed week!