Friday, September 11, 2009

Sonya update...

Thanks to everyone for the prayers for my sister and her family...please keep them coming!
I was very blessed to be able to sit with her yesterday. The short story is that she went in for a very routine endoscopy. Her stomach was punctured and the gases from the procedure leaked into her body. It caused a collapse of both her lungs and gases being trapped in her subcutaneous tissues (a condition called subcutaneous emphysema). Needless to say, she is in terrible pain and so are her husband and daughters who have to watch her suffer needlessly.
The next few days are crucial to make sure she doesn't develop sepsis, that her gut can rest (with the presence of an NG tube) so the puncture can heal without additional surgery, and the air in her tissues will resolve so she can regain lung function.
There are LOTS of readers of this blog (even though your comments are few!) so please storm Heaven for her and her family!!! Put her on every prayer list you can find, I beg of you!

Thanks to all who have already prayed and expressed concern. I hope to be able to go back up this weekend to help where I can.

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Kalona said...

Oh my, what an awful thing to have happen during a routine procedure! Continued prayers for Sonya and her family.