Monday, November 30, 2009

As we wait in joyful hope...

December 1 Make and bless the family Advent wreath.
December 2 Start a Family Rosary Night. Pray at least one decade of the rosary before dinner or before bedtime.
December 3 Memorial of St. Francis Xavier, priest. Pray for missionaries and all who spread the Gospel.
December 4 Make plans to receive the Sacrament of Penance prior to Christmas.
December 5 Kids make dinner tonight! Older children do the cooking; younger children set the table.
December 6 St. Nicholas Day. (St. Nicholas was a fourth century bishop in Asia Minor). Leave small treats in the children’s shoes. At dinner, say a special prayer for all bishops.
December 7 Write Christmas cards to loved ones. The whole family can be involved. Older children can write notes and address envelopes; younger children can seal envelopes and affix
stamps and stickers. Make sure to tell stories about the cards’ recipients.
December 8 Family Movie Night: Make some hot chocolate and popcorn and settle in to watch a Christmas classic, especially The First Christmas.
December 9 Family Rosary Night.
December 10 Make Christmas decorations, such as clay or ceramic ornaments or paper or popcorn chains.
December 11 Family Forgiveness Night. Apologize to a member of the family that you have hurt during the past year. Forgive those who have apologized to you. End the evening by sharing a sweet dessert.
December 12 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Share a special breakfast of hot
chocolate and pan dulce. Place some flowers (roses are traditional, but any flower is fine) before the family’s statue of Mary.
December 13 Finish Christmas shopping. Select at least one or two purchases for donation.
December 14 Deliver gifts to a local shelter, refugee center, or crisis pregnancy center. Rather
than just dropping the package off, spend some time learning about the work of the facility.
December 15 Bake Christmas cookies. Share some with neighbors or shut-ins.
December 16 Family Rosary Night.
December 17 Begin including the “O Antiphons” as part of your table or bedtime prayers.
December 18 Read a Christmas card at the dinner table. Pray for the sender and, during dinner, recall stories about the person. Continue this practice each night through Epiphany.
December 19 Put up and decorate the Christmas tree.
December 20 Bless and light the Christmas tree.
December 21 Wrap Christmas presents.
December 22 Put up and bless the crèche.
December 23 Family Rosary Night.
December 24 Begin the Novena for Peace (to end on January 1st)
December 25 Celebrate the Birth of Christ by attending the Eucharistic Liturgy and spending time with family and friends.

Wishing all a Blessed Advent and Happy Christmas.


Rachel said...

Busy calendar, JoAnn, but it shouldn't be too difficult, with it all spread out.

I've not sat down and figured everything out, which means I'm 'behind the 8 ball' already. SIGH.


JenniferM said...

I think you missed a Holy Day in there. : )
A most blessed Advent to you and your family!

Gopher Mommy said...

Joann - Can I use your schedule too? I am not going to lie you have some awesome ideas planned out.


Kalona said...

What a great Advent plan! I'm going to steal some of your idea because they are so awesome. :o) Thanks for posting your plan.