Monday, November 23, 2009

Thrift store finds

It was a pretty hard week last week so I decided to treat myself to a little thrift store shopping. It was just the right medicine for me! It was a cool Fall day and it got me in the mood for the upcoming holidays...truth be told, I've been ready to decorate for Christmas since Halloween!

I found these sweet vintage containers for .75 a piece!

I've had a fetish for those old glass ornaments for years. They just don't make them like that anymore and they remind me of childhood Christmases! I found two boxes of gorgeous ones.... for less than a buck!

Somebody squeeeel with me!

I also snagged this pretty handmade quilt.
It's the perfect picnic size, and soooo soft!

You won't believe what I paid for it:

I know!

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Rachel said...

Oh, nice haul, JoAnn! I lucked into a thrift store find once...obviously, someone's grandmother had passed on, or gone to a nursing home, because I got a couple of quilts, a vintage child's chair/rocker (it was one of those styles that didn't move), a sterling silver (yes, marked!) bonbon dish, and some small vintage (etched crystal!) dishes. I think I ended up spending about $35 for all of it, but the chair was the most expensive thing--I think it was $20. The silver I remember was $2.98. Yeah. LOL

I'm trying to restrain my "OHHHHHhhhhHHHHH it is almost December!!!" decorating urges. :-)