Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Preserving medicinal herbs

The little herb box that Doug built me is in full growth with our medicinal herbs. I'm not sure what type of growing season they tolerate, so I decided to go ahead and harvest them now before much cooler weather sets in.

I cut the leaves off of our elecampane, all heal, fever few, and evening primrose and placed them on the drying trays of our food dehydrator.

In about 24 hours they'll be dry enough to store in zip lock baggies, or pretty little apothecary jars.

When sickness comes around, a simple tea will help us get back to health!
To stave off illness, I'll crush some of the herbs into our soups and salads.

God has given us a pharmacy right in our backyards if we take the time to find out what is growing around us. I am thoroughly convinced that the use of herbal remedies is what has kept us well all year long thus far (knocking on wood!).

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Rachel said...

Oh, that sounds lovely, JoAnn.

We're planning on putting up raised beds on the western end of our front yard (fruit trees will be on the eastern end of the front yard). When? I'm not sure. Since we'll have to fence it in (otherwise, the geese will be extremely healthy, and our raised beds will be empty, lol), and that takes money...welllllllll...let's just say it may be a year or two.

But I am really enjoying reading about your pursuits...how did they all grow this year? I know you had a pretty good area designated at one point--was there anything that just flat out didn't grow at all? Something you learned was far more invasive than you were figuring on?

Just a couple of questions--I have had some experience with lemon balm...whew. It does smell good when you mow it, though!