Thursday, May 13, 2010

I *heart* iGoogle!

If you haven't signed on with iGoogle, do it now!
I love everything about it!
The calendar sends email reminders, I can keep documents (i.e. resumes, garden logs, etc...) on file and share with whoever I choose. I love my blog roll where I can read all my faves in one place instead of going from site to site.
I stumbled across another WONDERFUL feature while looking for a fax cover page:

Go to your iGoogle homepage
Go to upper left hand side and click the "more" tab.
Click "Documents"
Click the "Create New" tab in the upper left hand side.
Then click "from template"

From there you can browse literally thousands of templates in categories ranging from letters & faxes, to personal finance, presentation designs, and schedules.
Some personal favorites are the calendar, meal planning, and to-do lists! Not only do you just fill in and personalize but you can send them to certain groups (homeschooling, church, business) via email and then they can personalize/correct and send back to YOU!
For example:
On my calendar I can fill in my work and meeting schedule then email it to Doug and the older boys. Doug fills in his appointment/shooting schedule and the boys fill in their sports, scouts, and social schedules. We all get email reminders the day before an event and I can even print out an itinerary for the week! It also allows me to make and send individual lesson plans to the boys so they can either print it out or make notations and grades on the plan itself and send it back to me!

Trust me, if you are an anal list maker/planner/organizer like me,
iGoogle will make life much easier!

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