Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mama's Money Jar

Do you see it nestled there?
Right there between the bins of Goo-Be-Gone and extension cords is MY little jar!

It's daily that I do a load of laundry around here, and let me tell you, it's daily that I find all sorts of treasures in the washing machine! I've washed phones, iPods, action figures, name it, I've seen it!
I finally wised up and started thinking I could use this to my advantage - so I started my own little "tip" jar.
This is the money I've found after just a week's worth of laundry:

I figure it'll be good for an afternoon movie or a pedicure. When the kids balk at my going out alone, I'll tell them that it's all thanks to them that I get this little treat!

Hmmm...I wonder how much I can get for those two Gameboy cartridges?
Macy's here I come!

(just kidding!)

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Niiiice! I put it directly into the skirt pockets, and then into my jar at the end of the day (since I frequently find more change elsewhere in the house). Pedicure. Wow. How long has it been since my toes and nail polish were nestled against one another? FAR TOO LONG. SIGH. :-( I'd like something like a French manicure, only for my toes...natural, but still "done"....