Monday, May 3, 2010

Living the Liturgical Year

The Merry (Mary!) Month of May

May is traditionally the month of Mary, so in keeping with tradition, we celebrated the first day of May with a Marian crowning. We decorated our home altar, made coconut cake balls to celebrate, and even made a flower crown for our garden statue of the Blessed Mother. Doug read the Right of Crowning from the missalette and we all recited the Litany of Loretto.
John Paul and Daniel had the honor of bestowing crowns.
It was a lovely evening!

We also made little May baskets for our parish priests and sisters. We filled them with prayer cards, a spiritual bouquet, candy, and morning glory seeds (the variety was 'Heavenly Blue').

The boys secretly left them on the doorknobs to the rectory and convent!
I hope they were surprised!


Kalona said...

Oh how wonderful, JoAnn! I love seeing the pictures, and it lifts my heart up to see how you and Doug are teaching your boys to be such loving, devout Catholics. These memories will remain with them all their lives. Hugs!

jessica said...

These are some wonderful ideas! You are such an inspiration to me. I want to raise my son like you and Doug raise yours.