Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Raw milk

You'd think that by living in the country that we would have a wonderful resource for raw milk right here ~ WRONG! I guess that was a blessing in disguise because I finally found a raw milk co-op in Victoria that sells certified raw milk from an organic dairy!
We just made our first pick up on Monday:

Do you see the color of that stuff? It's a beautiful golden yellow!
That's from the cows eating purely at pasture. I asked how recently it was obtained and the farmer said, "Oh, about four o'clock this morning!"

Besides milk they also sell raw cheeses, butter, and free range eggs.
But it is the milk that is liquid gold. So good and so good for you!

Guess what I made as an after dinner treat...

Homemade vanilla ice cream

JP ate his outside at the picnic table. Danny took the can and it's remnants and sat on the swing with the little girl from next door.

Nothing better than sharing a cool treat with a friend on a hot summer evening!

Danny is lactose intolerant but he can easily tolerate raw milk. The reason why is that during the pasteurization process enzymes that help the body assimilate and digest lactose are destroyed. With raw milk the protective enzymes remain intact. So eat up Danny boy, mommy will make some more tomorrow night...or maybe some yogurt or cream cheese, keifer or queso fresco, maybe even butter!

Read more about the health benefits of raw milk HERE.

Stryk dairy where we got our milk.

Find raw milk near you!


Kalona said...

I'm not a milk drinker, but that ice cream looks wonderful, and I love homemade butter. Did you get some cheese and eggs? I stopped buying from our goat cheese guy when he sent out an email saying he was donating the proceeds of his sales one week to the Obama campaign. (This was before the election). :o(

Alyss said...

How fantastic! That milk looks great! I'm so glad that your boys can enjoy milk and ice cream now!

Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

Yay! So glad you're now in the "raw milk club", ha ha. :)

Lo said...

Hurrah! Great raw milk resource :)

We've been getting raw milk on occasion from a farmer about an hour away... but I'd REALLY like to transition ourselves to fully raw. Working on it!