Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer boredom busters

Sick of hearing the dreaded, "I'm bored!" once again? Here are some of our family's ways to bust the boredom blues! Yesterday we signed up for our local library's summer reading program.
Reading programs are wonderful because they offer some great, incentives to get children to read. This year the boys are working towards the Astros game tickets and meal coupons from local businesses. Each program is scaled to the age ranges of the children so even little Danny (age 4) can even participate!

Also, take advantage of your local thrift store. There are lots of toys to be found for .75 and under! Start a bin with thrift store toys as rewards for household chores or good behavior. At the end of summer, box the toys up and donate to a women/children's shelter or church nursery. We've even donated them BACK to the thrift store!

Don't forget to check out the board game section! You could stock a closet with some great games and puzzles, most for 1-2 dollars.

Here's the summer boredom buster I found for myself...

A little vintage sewing anyone?

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The Animator's Wife said...

Great plan and LOL, I think Mom's need boredom busters too! :) thanks!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Mommies DO need to find things to get them from getting bored too.