Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Afternoon cooking with Dan

Danny is ALL ABOUT the cooking!

Ever since he could stand by himself, he'd be right there standing on the kitchen chairs helping me cook something...anything...he just has to be part of whatever is going on.

And yes, I DO let my four year old wield a knife!

I also let him play outside in lightning storms,
swim immediately after eating, and run with scissors.

Danny has diced so many figs that he's turned it into a little game.
He says, "First I cut their hats off (the stem end of the fig),
then I put their butt up in the air and chop them in half!"

It comes along with sound effects just in case you were wondering.

"Look Mom, FIG GUTS!"

We made homemade Fig Newtons that day...

We have the best times gardening and cooking together. I really look forward to seeing how his love of cooking grows as he does. Who knows, he might be the next Emeril Lagasse...he certainly has the "BAM!" part down pat!

And don't you think a face this cute deserves his own Food Network program?


Aussie Therese said...

Here in Australia a reality TV series called masterchef has just finished. On this series 20 people compete to be named the masterchef. EAch week one person was eliminated until it came down to the final two.

It was a great series. Maybe one day Danny will be the Masterchef in America. He can say it all started in my mom's kitchen and she inspired me to be a great cook.

Rachel said...

The Next Food Network Star, JoAnn?


I will say that working with boys in the kitchen is vastly different than with girls. Lily was helping me process tomatoes the other day, and we chit chatted--and then the invariable "When I grow up" sound effects. LOL