Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cook once, eat twice

That's become my goal since going back to work full time!
Time is a precious commodity around here, so what better way to manage things than to do some double duty cooking on one day to save me a little time on another.
Here's a perfect example:

It takes absolutely no more effort to boil extra noodles and double the cheese sauce for some homemade mac & cheese. Now I have dinner for one night and lunch for another day.
(And hellza yeah we put crushed up Goldfish crackers on our m&c!
It's awesome...and it was Doug's idea!)

Meatloaf is another easy meal that takes no effort to double. When I make meatloaf I make two loaves. We eat one for dinner and the other I crumble up with some brown rice and stuff into bell peppers from the garden. They go into the freezer and when we need a meal I just toss them into the crock pot with some homemade sauce.

Every Sunday morning I make sausage balls for the boys. Again, just double your recipe and you can pop half the batch into the fridge or freezer for a quick breakfast or snacks later in the week!

It really makes life easier because my boys eat ALL the time!
I want them to remember the good times with mama instead of mama always being in the kitchen.


Rachel said...

Got a recipe to share for that mac and cheese??? Please?

JoAnnC. said...

I wish there was a recipe! I just boil a package of elbow mac. Then in another pot I melt four TBS. of butter and add four TBS of flour to make a roux. Cook the roux for a minute or two and add milk. I have no idea how much...maybe 3-4 cups? When the milk is warm then add 2-3 cups of sharp cheddar shredded cheese. Add lots of fresh ground black pepper, a little garlic powder, and a tbs of mustard. Pour noodles into greased baking dish, pour cheese sauce over noodles and mix. Top with crushed goldfish crackers and bake until golden and bubbly!