Thursday, October 1, 2009

A box of matches and two fire starters later...

"Instant light" my @$$!!

Reason #576 women shouldn't attempt to grill!


Shari Boykin said...

I think you are supposed to light the bag(?)

Kalona said...

What is it with guys and fire? Ron and both our boys love to grill, or have a campfire, or a fire in the chiminea or fireplace.

Do you have one of those metal chimney things to get coals started? I have an easier time lighting the grill when I use one of those. You put the charcoal in it and put newspaper underneath, light the paper, and voila, the coals burn. The metal thingy has a handle, so when the coals are gray, you dump them into the grill. I can use that, but I usually let one of the guys do it. Why spoil their fun? :o)