Thursday, October 22, 2009

My little Buck-a-roo

DANNY: "Look mom, I made a cowboy gun!"

"I made it little because I'm little."

"I also made this really BIG gun."

ME: "Well, if you made the little gun because you're little, who gets the big gun?"

DANNY: "Oh, that's mine, too!"

"Now all I need is a horse. If I had a horse I'd name him Bananas."

I love the logic of four year olds!


Kalona said...

I *heart* Danny posts. :o)

Rachel said...

How precious, JoAnn!!! :-) I was hoping he'd offer *you* the big gun. Cause after all, there's always the spunky lass on the wagon, who can shoot the marauders attacking better than some of the men... ;-)

Give him a hug from one of his 'aunties'. :-)