Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Banner

Another great project inspired from Handmade Home!
(I say "inspired" because Mrs. Soule cut out triangles of muslin and sewed on fabric lettering...I took the easy way out, but I think the end product is just as pretty!)

I made this banner for John Paul's birthday but will be using it for all our birthday celebrations. I used scraps of material from meaningful things around the home. The boys will be sure to recognize material from quilts I've made them and some of my handmade dresses.

To make the banner, cut out triangles using pinking shears. Stipple on lettering using a stencil, or free hand your design:
Tuck the ends of the triangles into double fold bias tape and sew.
You could also use hot glue or Heat-N-Bond in case you don't sew.

So easy, so pretty, and hopefully, so meaningful over the years!

Already thinking of lots of other fun banner ideas for the upcoming holiday season!


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Rachel said...

I like this, JoAnn! I've seen them for sale on Etsy (you might think about doing something like that?? Maybe??? You are so good at it!).

What I want to do, is use card stock, and copy oooolllld greeting cards (the really old ones) onto the card stock--and make a banner/garland out of the copies. Selectively spread on some glitter, carefully punch holes out of the corners (building up the backs so they don't wear through too quickly), and slide a nice satin, grosgrain, or even simple bias tape 'ribbon' through the holes...

At least, that is my idea. I have to cards to copy. The card stock to copy them on to. Bias tape, too.

You know (typing as I think here)...you (generalized, not specific) could copy the cards onto fabric, and make a fabric garland...hmmm. The glitter might be an issue, though. Hm...then you wouldn't have to worry about paper wearing out at the holes...

I need to get cracking on my Christmas decorations I have planned...and designed. And the materials for...