Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Flu shot? No thank you!

Yesterday I was at work and harassed by the the infection control nurse to get a flu shot. I simply said, "No thank you" which released a torrent of questions from her! I had a choice to make...I could either kick her in the teeth or say, "Being a nurse, I am well aware of the risks and benefits of a flu shot. I am an adult capable of making such decisions for myself. NO THANK YOU!"
I chose the latter...

Did you know that 60% of doctors refuse to get the flu shot?
And that you can avoid flu shots all together and take vitamin D instead? (a rather lengthy article but FULL of very good and accurate information!)

Each day we all take a whole foods energizer/multivitamin, cod liver oil, probiotics and extra vitamin D twice a week (the mulitvitamin and cod liver contain vit. D). Doug also SWEARS by his apple cider vinegar/honey tonic he drinks 3 times daily! So far just a mild 3 day head cold swept through the family. We have not been ill with anything else since starting this protocol....we'll see what the rest of the season brings!


CassB said...

We don't do the flu shot either! I get tired of the Drs pressuring us to do it too.

Therese said...

Many people have said to us that Steve should have a flu shot because he is with children all day. He does get more illness since teaching but I think prevention from the other means is a much better approach.