Saturday, December 6, 2008

I've been tagged...TWICE!

I was tagged for the same meme by Linda and Dana, so here is goes girls....


1. My boys. I especially love it when they wake up first thing in the morning! I love those little nappy bedheads and the way they say good morning all warm and sleepy.

2. My Dougie-Poo. We've been together for 20 years now (married for 15!) and the time has flown by! He gets me...he TOTALLY gets me.

3. Gardening. Not flower gardening but vegetable gardening. I wish I had discovered my love for agriculture in college, my life would have taken a whole different turn!

4. Baking bread. It fuels my soul, it's therapy of the best kind for me. Taking raw wheat and making food to nourish my babies is very empowering to me.

5. My faith. I love my Holy Catholic faith and thank God everyday for bringing me to it!

6. Sitting in my backyard sipping tea (or kombucha!) and watching the sunset while the kids play in the field.

Now I tag:
1. Sonya at Appel Quilling
2. Cassandra at The Baby Baldovinos Journey
3. Anyone else who wants to tell me what makes them happy!


Linda said...

Does Doug know you tell us that you call him "Dougie-poo"?!

Lilder said...

I love your list... I wish I could sit on your back porch watching the sun set and the kids play, it's a great back porch. :-)