Saturday, December 20, 2008

Out in the garden...

We're supposed to get a hard freeze Sunday night so I harvested what I could out of the garden and will try to cover the rest!
The "salad bowl" is the most fragile in the garden. I'm going to pick a bunch and cover the rest with a couple of inches of hay to protect it from the frost. Lettuce stores incredibly well in the fridge...two weeks in the proper container!

We've had some beautiful broccoli harvests!
Once these main heads are cut, small tender shoots form for months.

John Paul was NOT pleased with the broccoli harvest!
I asked him to pose pretty for mommy's blog...this was all I got:
He was completely appalled he even had to touch the stuff!

We should have cauliflower this week! I hope to make Ina Garten's cauliflower gratin
to go with Christmas dinner.

And the collards and cabbage patch...

I know that collards like a bit of frost so I'll leave them uncovered, but I'm not sure about the cabbage. Those little heads are so tightly compacted that I think they'll survive ok. I might even clothespin some of those bigger outer leaves over the head to provide a little more protection. We haven't had any cabbage yet, but I sure planted a ton of it! I want to can some sauerkraut and kim chee with the extra!
Last are my brussells...
I figure by new year's well be eating some roasted brussells sprouts with our black eyed peas!

We brought our bounty inside and my sous chef, Danny, helped me steam some broccoli for lunch. He loves the stuff...plain, unlike the rest of my motley crew!

And eating a big ol sprig of broccoli makes me feel a little less guilty about all those sweet Christmas treats (of which we will be making loads of this weekend!)

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Linda said...

That is an amazing garden! You have a green HAND, not just a thumb.