Monday, December 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

We have been off of our whole foods way of eating for the past couple of weeks and we can ALL feel it. Kyle says we have to clean up our act before the holidays and all that comes with that! So I am beginning again, in earnest, and getting us back on track. Hear that Doug? No more chips with lunch or cans of soup...and I'm throwing out all the white sugar today, too!

Monday: Stuffed cabbage leaves. Grass fed beef and brown rice stuffed inside cabbage leaves and simmered in organic tomato sauce all day in the crock pot.

Tuesday: Lentil tacos on homemade sprouted wheat tortillas. Lentil tacos are really good! I'll make a double batch so we can eat them as lunch during the week. I also make these without stirring in the salsa and we don't use "fat free" anything!

Wednesday: Grilled chicken and collard greens from the garden.

Thursday: Easy quiche and salad from the garden. We'll omit the ham in the quiche and use broccoli from the garden and yard eggs.

Friday: Fried rice. Will use brown rice, shredded carrot, peas, broccoli, and green onion. And a tip if you make this: make sure your rice is cold before stir frying!

Saturday: Homemade pizza with sprouted wheat crust.

Sunday: Broccoli cheese soup with homemade whole wheat bread.

Breakfasts are oatmeal, 10 grain cereal, and this weekend I made a huge batch of waffles to put into the freezer.
Lunches will be mainly leftovers. I'll make a huge batch of tortillas for wraps and snacks. I'll also keep a large selection of fruit, cheeses, air popped popcorn, and kefir for the kids to munch on (instead of the crackers, Gogurt, and packaged crap they've been eating for the last two weeks!)

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Linda said...

I'm going to try to sprout some wheat this week and make the tortillas. Thanks for the recipes and the motivation!