Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm not above a little sucking up!

Jenny at The Nourished Kitchen is giving away a fancy shmancy kimchi maker and I WANT IT! This post is for you, Jenny! Look at all this wonderful produce that has come straight out of our garden. And what's that I see behind all of it? Cucumbers fermenting in plain old mason sad. Wouldn't you love to see that wall of cukes being fermented in one of your jars? I know I would! So please pick me to win your wonderful giveaway!
And if not for me, for this precious little person:

Would you deprive this gorgeous kid the health of fermented foods?
(Yeah, I'm not above using my kids to get what I want!)
Pick me, pick me!


Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen said...

Love your post! :) and LOVE your produce too! I'm glad you entered the giveaway. The maker really is awesome.

Rachel said...

Wow, JoAnn! You're really cranking out the produce....


Hope you're enjoying it and putting up what you can...


JoAnnC. said...

I really love gardening...LOVE IT! Plus, we are blessed with some really awesome soil in this area of Texas. Even though we are seeing produce early, it will end early as well. I plant right after the first frost date because I want to get a jump on the heat. The plants will be spent their usual time...and you'll probably still be picking from yours! Wish I had a root cellar for all the canned stuff. I"m having to use cabinet space, and I have a really small kitchen!

Rachel said...

Well, no real way for me two put in a root cellar here...shoot, we need a storm shelter, and we still haven't figured out where we *can* put it, much less *want* to put it. :-(

We spent the morning weeding and mulching the tomatoes and jalapenos (with cow manure under the brown paper bags under the chicken bedding---straw and lots of...chicken Got all three of those rows done today. DH cultivated the potatoes, and helped weed in the house garden.

Ya'll will just need to 'mosey' on up here sometime when the heat is too much this summer. We've got plenty of room to put ya'll up, and we'll have some home-raised pork and stuff from the garden...maybe we can test both of our grill meisters on their grilling skills... ;-)

And we can send you home with some farm fresh, free range, fresh from the chickens' backside, ;-)

Our cabbage is still doing well--I'll be mulching it this evening once things have cooled down some. Got a bit too much sun working earlier, so taking it easy

Hope your weekend is going well...