Thursday, May 14, 2009

The purge

I really felt the need to be productive today so I began what I like to call
The Purge.
Doug and the two oldest went into Houston for the afternoon and with the house (almost) to myself I tackled JP & Danny's room. I had bins and bins of baby clothes saved all the way back from when Ryan was an infant. I thoroughly believe in hand-me-downs! All of the boys wore the same baby clothes, after all, they really don't get worn out.
I was so meticulous about the boy's baby clothes as they were growing up. I had them all sorted by age and perfectly packed and washed awaiting the next child or growth stage. But since there won't be anymore babies in the Creamer household, I figured it was finally time to let this stuff go. All in all there were 13 bags of clothing and stuffed animals.

Danny had a little bit of a hard time letting his stuffed animals go. He sat by this bag for about an hour poking his little fingers through the plastic to give his buddies one last rub...
They are all going to the local church thrift store today to find new homes. It was so sad going through all those bins of baby clothes and a real struggle to let them go, but it needed to be done. I feel pretty good about it now.

I did allow myself one bag of keepers...

OK, one very BIG, overstuffed bag of keepers!
I decided to save each kid 3 baby outfits.
The rest I'm going to cut into squares and make a patchwork quilt for each boy to give to their own baby some day...


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