Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We have baby birds!

The nest of cardinal eggs hatched last week and now we are seeing baby birds crane their necks up out of the nest! Mama bird brooded them for about 2 days and then she flew the coop! I rarely ever see her anymore except for night time when she comes back to sit. Papa bird has been working overtime on feeding duty. Not only is he constantly hunting to feed his babies, he also attends to housekeeping duties by throwing out the old eggshells!
We've really enjoyed watching them!
Those babies can really eat!
Papa bird must come back with 30-40 worms and bugs a day
(and thankfully he is getting them out of our yard and garden!)
Those little ones stretch their scrawny necks up, open up wide,
and holler all the time for food...
Kinda like someone else I know...

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