Friday, May 22, 2009

Morning ritual

Every morning, without fail, Danny and I trek outside in our pajamas to see what the garden will give us for the day.
He knows right where to go and just where to look for hidden treasures under those big leaves. Not to mention that he's just the right size to hunker down and really check the plants (and save his mama's back!)
He's very gentle and knows just the right way to snap a vegetable off the vine.
He shows me every one and usually has a comment about the shape or size.
This one still has his "hat" on...
And this one makes a "good ring."
"Mama, why did he grow like that?"
The garden feeds more than our bodies.
It feeds our minds and our souls.
Morning time in the garden is our time together.
While I'm preparing breakfast for the rest of the crew,
Danny washes up our harvest.
I often wonder about what kind of memories of their childhood my children will have.
Memories of mornings in the garden with mama is one that I hope Danny will treasure as much as I do.


Kalona said...

They will have beautiful memories because you are making a beautiful life for them. Danny is such a cutie!

Linda said...

I am amazed at how soon your garden is producing. I MUST get things going sooner next year.
You have good memories, and a very green thumb.