Thursday, June 18, 2009

Note to self...

...denim shorts get very heavy when wet!

(Thank God he was at least wearing underwear,
you never know with my boys!)

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Rachel said...


One week at our homeschool co-op, my 7yr old made the regularly scheduled trip to the bathroom mid-afternoon, and came back, sat down, and then quickly scurried back out of the room to the bathroom. Her teacher (who fortunately works with me in other hours) said that when dd came back into the room, she sidled up to her, and whispered to her "I don't have on any underwear!"...Apparently, she'd completely forgotten any...lovely. What I get for insisting on them changing into decent for public consumption clothes before leaving for, after that, I made sure to do a quick pat-down before we left the house--just to be on the safe

You are so not the only one whose dc may or may not be completely