Sunday, October 7, 2007

Best seat in the house!

We had a lovely dinner tonight! Doug grilled some chicken, I made a corn salad, hummus and pita chips. I picked some flowers from the garden and set the picnic table outside. The evenings are getting a little cooler now so sitting outside to dine was really pretty nice!
God provided the entertainment....the sky show was spectacular!
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Here's a close up of my centerpiece. Can you believe I can still cut roses in October? The small flowers are from my carrots! I left quite a few in the ground for fall harvest and they flowered, they almost look like Queen Anne's Lace.
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Therese said...

What a beautiful sunset.

Signum said...

Wow! I'm so jealous! If we tried an impromptu picnic like that at my house, we'd have to fight off 7 cats, a dog, and a goat. Not to mention the mosquitoes and gnats. :-(

Linda said...

Melody says that carrot is a relative to Queen Anne's lace. So there you go!