Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Best laid plans...

I thought I was ahead of the game. I planned, prepared, purchased, and planned some more. My seeds were in and I was ready to start them in their little peat pots when this arrived...

I had forgotten that I had requested a catalog from the Tomato Growers Supply Company. Not that I thought they had anything that I needed...I just LOVE to browse seed catalogs ('cause I'm super cool like that!) But when it came in the mail the other day, all my plans went to pot (no pun intended!)
If you plan on growing tomatoes you MUST request a catalog from these folks! I have never seen the variety of heirloom and hybrid tomatoes as this catalog holds. Not only do they have tomatoes, but they also sell an incredible variety of pepper and eggplant seeds as well. Their catalog also has wonderful tips and planting techniques that can guarantee your success!

So I just put in another order for some heirlooms that I just to had to have. I'm going back to the planning stage to make room for these babies but I fear I'm running out of backyard for all my grand designs.
Doug, you don't think the homeowners association would mind me putting a tomato patch in the front yard, do you?

Tomato Growers Supply Company
(scroll down to the bottom left for a FREE catalog request)

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