Friday, February 27, 2009

Too big!

On our way home from my sister's house last weekend we stopped by the mall. While we were window shopping, John Paul spied the Build-A-Bear-Workshop and begged to go in. Ryan and Kyle were mortified that they had to "cruise" the mall with their mom and baby brothers, so I let them have some respite while me and the little guys built a bear.
JP and Danny selected their bears and took them to the station to be filled. The very nice lady filled their bears full of fluff and then asked Danny to go get a stuffed heart to place inside his bear before she sewed him up. He picked the heart he wanted out of the bunch and the lady told him, "Close your eyes, make a wish, then kiss your heart and put it inside your bear!"
Danny just stood there so she repeated her instructions.
Finally Danny rolled his eyes and said in a very exasperated voice,

"Ummmmmm...I'm too BIG for that!"

The clerk and I looked at each other and simultaneously burst out into laughter!

Too big indeed!


Sonya said...

Really, too big, unfortunately that will happen all to quickly! Cute picture, priceless, you should have had a video camera for future blackmail! lol.

CassB said...

OMGosh!!! LOL. SO funny! You wouldn't think he was too big by the sweet picture =)

I <3 Danny, he's so funny.

Kalona said...

He is sooo cute!