Thursday, February 19, 2009

Me and my leggy seedlings

I planted heirloom tomato seeds a little over two weeks ago. Since they've germinated we've had nothing but dreary, overcast weather and my seedlings have gotten quite leggy. They were beginning to sprout their true leaves and I was scared that they'd get too top heavy and break the stem, so I spent two hours transplanting them the other day.
Yes! Two flippin' hours!
My little seeds had a great germination rate. I just could not prune out some of the seedlings, so I ended up transplanting 48 tomato plants! Needless to say, I will be pawning off these suckers on anyone who will take them.
Sonya, Rhonda, Bonnie,'ll be getting tomato plants this weekend when I see you,
They're not leggy anymore!
Danny and JP were irked I wouldn't let them transplant with me, so instead they played with play-dough and proceeded to name every.single.plant.
So if you get a "SpongeBob," "Greeny," "Ninja Power Ranger," or a "Chewy,"
take very good care of them...
They were grown with love!


Rachel said...

We're a couple of weeks behind you, being a zone or two lower...but we've got our seed potatoes and hopefully some onions going into the ground this weekend, and seedlings going in the sun room (under lamps), so we will hopefully have them in the ground before too much longer.

LOL about naming the plants...What heirloom varieties are you planting this year? I've considered the Cherokees, but haven't done those yet. I need something pretty prolific to harvest...

JoAnnC. said...

If you want something prolific then grow a paste variety. I'm growing Amish Paste and Italian Heirloom varieties. I plan to make gallons of salsa, sauce, and can most of them.
For regular eating I'm planting Kellog's Breakfast, Viva Italia, and Church.
Go to the "gardening" tab on the blog and scroll down to the post about tomatoes. Get a free catalog from Tomato Growers Supply Co. they have an excellent selection!

Rachel said...

Those are some of the ones we've got ready for planting. :-)

I don't care for slicers, so I think we've only got one variety of those. I'm the only one who likes tomatoes on sandwiches, and I use romas in my salads (less goop, more meat), so we have planned for lots of those...

The Cherokees just look interesting...there's a lot of things (esp in the seed savers catalog) that look reallllllllllly interesting, but I'm not doing this for experimental gardening--this is for sustenance. I'll hopefully branch out into the experimental in another year or two...