Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

We've got a crazy busy week of appointments, classes, and working so I'm doing my prep work for the week on Monday for quick and easy meals through the week!

Monday: Chicken fajitas on sprouted whole wheat tortillas. When Doug fires up the grill, I plan on cooking extra chicken and vegetables to use in meals for the rest of our week. I'm also making a quadruple batch of tortillas in the morning to last us all week.

Tuesday: Whole wheat linguine tossed with butter, grilled vegetables, and lots of parm. cheese

Wednesday: Green chard tacos. Swiss chard from the garden literally takes 2 minutes to cook and will combine with leftover grilled veggies and tortillas from Monday.

Thursday: Grilled pizza. Will mix dough early in the day and allow to proof in the fridge all afternoon. Will top with thinly sliced tomatoes, fresh cheese and basil. Serve with lettuce greens from the garden.

Friday: Homemade mac & cheese with roasted brussells from the garden. I'll make this early in the morning before we start running about for the day. When dinner time comes it will be a simple warm up in the oven.

Saturday: Pulled pork sandwiches. Super easy by letting the crock pot do all the work!

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