Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kraut is done!

My cabbage has been fermenting in the mud room for two weeks now (mmmmm...doesn't that sound appetizing?) and I bottled it up this morning!
The color is still nice and green and most of the cabbage is still crisp. It has a lovely sweet, tangy taste which is much milder than the pungent pucker you get with bagged or canned kraut.

I really packed it down into three quart jars and covered them in brine. It's not enough to get out my big steam canner, so I think I'll just store these babies in the fridge (they'll keep for months and months!)

I may have to alter my menu plan for today! I forgot that the kraut would be done when I did my planning and shopping. I think we'll be having grilled brats with a generous helping of kraut instead!

It's not exactly a traditional fat Tuesday meal...

...anyone know how to say, "Let the good times roll!" in German?

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