Friday, February 6, 2009

I need another project like I need a hole in my head!

I thought this would be a quick afternoon project, but not so!
Since the trees were cut back we have so much more sunlight in the backyard so I thought it would be nice to spruce up the area by our shed. The kids play in that area a lot so I thought something whimsical would be cute. I saw some "topsy turvy" pots online and thought it would be a great (cheap and quick) project for the yard.
I batted my eyelashes at Doug and he got out the tiller to get the soil ready for some extra plantings in the area.
Danny wants to do everything Doug and the boys do so this time Doug let Dan run the tiller...
Look at that sweet baby's face!
He told me he was a "big farmer man" now!
Even Kyle helped out by driving in the rebar and stacking pots...
He won't admit it, but he likes getting his hands dirty in the garden just as much as I do!
I thought strawberry plants cascading out of those tipsy pots would look wonderful.
Check your local Walmart, I got these bare root strawberries 10 for $3.00!
I'm going to plant those 20 gladiolus bulbs and the plants below. Those potted plants have five separate plants in each bucket and I'm going to divide them up to fill in the area.
I'm hoping it will be really pretty once everything grows in!
I hate posting incomplete projects, but we ran out of daylight...and mulch!
Hopefully we'll finish it sometime in the next day or two. I'll post pics as it starts to fill in!
Have a great weekend!

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H F J said...

That's going to look soooo nice! And G liked looking at the pictures with me... she was very happy to see more pictures of "her" Kyle.