Friday, October 2, 2009

It's like crack for puppies!

Abby LOVES plush toys.
She doesn't just play with them, she decapitates them, destroys them, and devours them!
We have been through five plush toys in the last month.

I'm surprised she doesn't poop fiber-fill!

She actually has a little melt down if she doesn't have a "baby" to play with.
And that's just what we need around here, a dog with issues.

I thought I'd save us some $$$ and have a go at making her one myself.
I got some thick muslin and triple stitched the seams.
I stitched on a crazy little face because for some strange reason Abby likes to chew the eyes off her toys. I wonder if I should be worried about that....

"Mr. Nubbins" (Ryan named him) survived the evening...

...but I have a feeling his days are numbered!


K said...

almost all our stuffed animals are eyeless thanks to murphy (also a lab). he often leaves them compeltely intact except for the eyes. creepy.

angie said...

Hey that baby looks like an ugly doll! You could sell those for big bucks!!