Monday, October 12, 2009

You know it's Fall when... can no longer walk out in the backyard barefoot!
Not because it's too chilly without to walk without shoes, but because of the painful pecans and their hulls underfoot!

Just in time for holiday baking!

Now who can I get to shell all of these?

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Rachel said...

We're in pecan country here, too. But only a couple of small trees on our place, nothing full grown yet. Hopefully in the coming years, we'll find some. In the meanwhile, we're off to the store (or maybe I can convince DH that we should go pick the ones falling on city property....hmmmm).

I suggest, since you've got the trees dropping them every year, I'd just invest in a good solid one from Lehman's. And mount it on a table/tv tray contraption--one of those more solid wood ones, not the cheap flimsy ones (surely with the four boys and Doug, they can come up with something, right?) that can be folded up and put away in the off season? Then bring it in, set it up in the evenings, and the boys can go to work...kwim?

Just a thought. But it is what I am figuring we will end up doing in another few years. With the good wet year we've had so far this year (thanks be to God) I'm hoping our trees will do some real growth-spurting and start cranking the nuts out sooner rather than later...

Just post some pics of the filled bags of nuts for us poor pecan-poor folks (I almost bought some bagged ones at Walmart the other day, but $8+ bag is too rich for my beer budget. And it is cheap beer, too--like, Old Milwaukee cheap, lol).