Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Towel rug...minus the rug.

So this weekend I wanted to make some projects from my new favorite read:
Handmade Home by Amanda Soule.
I set out to make her wonderful towel rug, but thought about taking the project smaller and making a dish draining mat for the kitchen.
It turned out so cute that I made two from one of our old raggedy towels and a scrap of vintage bed sheet.

A little more incentive to do the dishes?

Onto the bath mats next weekend!


Rachel said...

Wow! I like it!

Of course, I don't wash my dishes by hand...I do need some more dishtowels. Got some good crafty ideas on those?

Now, the obvious next question is, where did you get those bowls? Let me guess? A thrifting find? Estate sale? Yard sale? ACCCHHHHH...you have the best stores..no, really. Not enough to make me move to your area, but man...I think I need to make a road trip....in yard sale season. :-)

Btw, m'dear, you are my Diva of the Day...not that that will likely result in a noticeable uptick in comments or visitors, but I thought I'd let you know. :-) Yours is one of those "gotta check first thing in the morning" blogs...so I'm glad your name came out of the hat today!

Do you have anything else from the book you are likely to make, or found interesting?

JoAnnC. said...

Found the bowls at an estate sale. I literally squealed when I opened the cupboards and saw them!
Lots of 'want to do's' out of the book, it's just finding the time. I can only craft on the weekends after my household work is done...usually I'm too tired to do anything else! I'm motivated to get Christmas presents sewn....we'll see!