Monday, October 26, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Just a three day work week this week! Although it's a light week for me, Doug will be pretty busy so I put together some easy meals that take little prep from him. We ate out a bit too much last week and I am ready to get back to home cooked meals!

Monday: Salsa verde chicken enchiladas. I will assemble these on Sunday night so that all Doug has to do is pop them in the oven just before meal time. Serve with black beans from the freezer.

Tuesday: Chili. I made a batch of this last week and the kids devoured it! Will toss all the ingredients into the crock pot before heading out the door for work. Kyle can whip up some jalapeno cornbread muffins to go with it.

Wednesday: Pulled pork sandwiches. A nice big pork butt goes in the crock before I go to work. Will season with salt, pepper, lots of garlic powder, liquid smoke, and Jack Daniel's honey BBQ sauce. Just shred before serving!

Thursday: Spinach quiche. Farm fresh eggs make this dish sooo goood! Will serve with homemade biscuits and fig preserves.

Friday: Salmon burgers. Using the same basic recipe for salmon croquettes, these will make nice burgers topped with fresh veggies and a sour cream dill sauce. Served with fresh fruit.

Saturday: Baked potato bar with leftovers. Baked potatoes will be delicious topped with chili or pulled pork from earlier in the week!

Sunday: French onion soup with fresh bread. Will put the soup together in the crock pot before going to church and mix up some artisan bread dough when we get home. This will be so good to wake up to after a loooong Sunday afternoon nap!

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