Monday, August 8, 2011

Frozen Assets

Y'all know I'm all about the planning
(or maybe I'm just anal retentive....whatever!).
But I'm a little freaked out that this baby will be here in about ten weeks!

I'm SO not ready!

In a lame attempt to try to control my environment, I thought I'd focus on stocking the freezer with meals for after the baby comes.

The weekends I'm not working I'm going to make double batches of our meals and freeze one of them. Making a double batch isn't any harder than making the original meal, so I might as well stock up while I can!
Saturday night we had beef enchiladas. The tray on the left is sauced, cheesed and ready for the oven! The tray on the right is plain (sauce is in the pantry) and ready for the freezer. After an overnight chill, it will go into a large ziplock to save space until we are ready to eat.

Sunday I put a pot of taco soup and a crock of chili on to cook all day.
I'll take some of the soup for lunches this week and we'll have the chili (with cheddar cheese muffins!) for dinner Sunday night. All the leftovers will go into large ziplocks for the freezer.

If I can do three meals a weekend then that will roughly give me 24 meals for when the baby comes!

Can somebody holla!

Less stress at dinner time, less mess, and less expense...
more time for cuddling baby!

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