Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rag Wreath

Working on an OB unit lets me see the latest baby decor and trends. Usually, family or friends bring a cute wreath to place on the room door of the new mother. I've seen LOTS of cute wreaths and they usually come with a hefty price for that cuteness! So being the cheapskate that I am, I knew I could make my own for our sweet baby girl.

Considering my obsession with fabric, I made a rag wreath and I am in love with this craft!

This project could not be more simple!

I bought an inexpensive wreath (18 inch in size), about two yards total of colorful fabrics, and some tulle.

In PINK of course!

Cut one inch wide strips of fabric about 12 inches long and start tying around the wreath. Tie the strips close together for a fuller look.

You can also add bits of ribbon, tulle, and rick rack to add texture and to boost the cuteness factor!

This was so simple that Danny and I put this together in about an hour! We already have plans for making Halloween and Christmas themed wreaths.
I'm still thinking about embellishing our baby wreath. Maybe nesting one of my homemade rag dolls inside and her name in wood cut outs decoupaged with scrapbook paper. Stay tuned for the final product!

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Anonymous said...

The wreath looks very pretty. I had one that was done on a single wire frame. I retired it just recently after probably 12 years or more. I finally let it sit in the garden for a while as it was looking frazzled by then. I love them though, and was thinking of making a new one. I can use the same old frame. Thanks for the inspiration! :) If you can do it with soooo little time and energy now ...surely I can. :) Sarah