Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mason Jar soap dispenser

Here's another little piece of crafty crap I found on Pinterest,
a Mason Jar soap dispenser~
Super cute and super easy to make!

Take an old Mason Jar with the lid attached and using an awl, punch out holes to get a hole in the lid about the size of a dime.

Take the pump from one of those plastic prefilled soap dispensers and rest it inside the hole you just made. You want the pump base to be bigger than the hole for a tight fit. Now gently press and twist the pump down until it fits through the hole.

Unscrew the lid and turn upside down. Fill around the base of the pump with a good epoxy and let dry. Fill with your favorite hand soap.
That's it!

So cute that I made one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen!
It holds way more soap (about 2 1/2 times more) than the cheapo plastic prefilled dispensers, and it lets me water down the soap to make it stretch a bit farther.
Although, next time I think I might fill with a clear soap to see the details of the pretty jars!


Kalona said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I saw these in a country catalog and never thought about making it myself! Thank you for showing us!! Such fun and such money saving! :) Sarah

kalvin said...

The Creamer Chronicles: Hand towel love. I love the practicality. I would love these in purple..

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