Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You know what they say...


Well it looks like we've applied that little saying in the baby growing dept.
I had an appointment with the perinatologist and this kid is HUGE!
She's a a little over 3 1/2 pounds at 28 weeks (a whole pound bigger than she's supposed to be!)

I got the lecture on controlling my blood sugars better and exercising....I really wanted to tell him that I much rather lay around, sew, and drink sweet tea all day, but then I thought I'd better not.

So we're watching every carb that goes into my mouth and my tea is now sweetened with stevia.

Oh, here's the other kicker...

She's breech!

But we're going to have a little talk, she and I, about turning the right way to come out before she gets to be 36 weeks!

Prayers appreciated!


Anonymous said...

You and your little sweetheart have been in my prayers all along but now I will add the new issues of her need to get to standing on her head soon and your doctors orders! :) Can't tell you the joy it gives me too to hear the joy in your posts! I love hearing all your praise reports! :) Sarah

Rachel said...

Jo, I've been sweetening all of the sun tea I make this summer, with stevia, and it has been just fine. A bit more expensive than some of the other options, but still. A friend of mine was able to get some 'concentrated' in a little tub from her local health food store--may want to check there. The stuff at the store is SO expensive! I found that a 1/2 c of the "Stevia in the Raw" didn't make it sweet enough, but 2/3s was just right (it is NOT concentrated, hence the larger amount).

I know some of our lady friends have tried a couple of different measures to turn breech babies--maybe ask a few of them?

((HUGS)) to all of you (and I am SO excited you are on the pink team this time!