Sunday, August 21, 2011

My days are not mine anymore!

I'm tired and I haven't even begun the week yet!
My days are no longer mine anymore, get this:

I work 12 hour shifts three days a week.
I have to go back to said work for two days out of the week for antenatal testing, 'cause you know....I'm OLD!
Doctor appointment weekly unless I see the Perinatologist or Internal Medicine docs, then that's twice a week.

Right there is SEVEN days ~ last I recall there were only seven days in a week!

I think I'd be ok with it if the hospital/Dr.'s offices were just down the street, but we have an hour commute both ways. That means the kids have to come with us AND I'm going to have to keep working just to pay for the gas to get to and from appointments!

Work is killing me.
Being pregnant and on my feet for 12 hours a day is excruciating.
The girls at work are awesome in that they really do try to make my assignments easier (giving me the closer labor rooms or the less difficult patients!), but it's still so hard and it takes me a whole day off just to recover.
As you see, there will be no more days off!

Just wondering...
is it wrong to pray to win the lottery?


Anonymous said...

If won the lottery I would give it to you. Sadly though I have never played it. I sure will add all this to my prayers for you and your family though. I was wondering how you were even doing your shifts + keeping the home and kids going + making beautiful baby things and extra meals to freeze etc etc etc. I was wondering if you found a way to extend the day past 24 hours! I guess I finally know you are not super women! :) Honey you know how hard the last months of your pregnancies have always been {least mine have been...}and now add the extras with this one and...well it adds up to Tired with a capital T. As you already know. Keep remembering this too shall pass. Also God is still on the throne and he is with you always. I am hoping some of your friends may come in and do the kids one day a week while you travel or something to relieve things a bit. You know God knew this was how it was going to be if you believe in predestination and he has made a way through it for you. As my husband keeps telling me when I am in labor...keep thinking soon you will be holding that little one and all this will be in the past. Sweetie, I wish I had more that could help or comfort you but know that I keep thinking of you through out the day and so keep prayer going your way. Also my extended family is also praying for you as I keep them up on how you are doing. I am sure even though your comment section is not always very full there are many lurkers that are doing the same. We are out there. Sarah

JoAnnC. said...

Oh Sarah, thank you, it's just what I needed to hear as I go back to work this morning....crying cause I know the pain is coming by noon! God carries me through these days, I don't know how or why, but He does. I keep thinking this is all such a small price to pay for this little one! Still, I'm tired and in pain and I didn't figure a little pity party every now and then would hurt!
Thank you for your prayers....they are more valuable than gold!