Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm not green...I'm just cheap! Take 2

I ran into a BARGAIN at our local grocer, 18 pounds of oranges for $3.99!

As I was emptying the last of them into a basket, I thought about how sturdy that little nylon sack was. All of the sudden I had a brilliant idea!
I cut each end off the sack:

Folded the netting accordion style and tied with the nylon drawstring that came with the bag.

It makes an awesome little dish scrubber!
You'd pay 2-3 bucks for one of these at the store.

It also works very well on glass stove tops...

...and the slave labor will work for peeled orange slices!


Linda said...

Ok, THIS I can do. Thanks for the idea.

Rachel said...

I did this, but with apples...well, I didn't get the nifty scrubber...but I *did* can 12quarts of apple pie filling... :-) DH loves two kinds of pie--hot, and cold. So he is thrilled.

Good heads up on the orange bag